The day of Okuribi.

Gozan-no-Okuribi held on 16th August, is a religious event to commemorate the souls of ancestors. The five Mountains that lit up with bonfires in darkness, is so graceful and solemn while looking up from the town. But up there on the mountains, it is like a scene of fire strife by brave men.

Note: The climbing of general visitors on the day is strictly prohibited in order to proceed safely the lighting work. So do not try to climb.

Here is a center of the Character of "Dai" called as "Kanawa".

It is the largest bonfire spot
and where will be ignited first of all.

Northern Line

Southern Line


Left picture shows the northern line of the character of "Dai."

Right picture shows the southern line.

The "Daimonji" Firing

This is the precious movie which recorded how the huge character of "Dai"(Daimonji) is lit on the mountain of darkness.

Photographs are also available below.