Light Festival at Shimogamo Jinja Shrine.

After the solemn "Daimonji Bon Fire", a colorful evening event has come to Shimogamo Shrine. Aug 17 - Sep 02, 2018.

The pics below are shot in 2016.

Term: Aug 17, 2018 - Sep 02, 2018

Hours: 18:30 – 22:00 (Last Entry 21:30)

*Hours may change depending on the venue conditions.

Admission Fee:   Mon – Fri JPY 1,000

Sat – Sun JPY 1,200

*Elementary school students and younger are free. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 20 years or older.

*Entrance is located alongside of Mikage Dori, on the south side of Tadasu no Mori.

Official site 2018

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera Temple.

Rokusai Nenbutsu is a folklore dance as playing chant music by flutes and drums, handbells.
Often it is dedicated to the Bon Festival.

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - Yotsudaiko

Rokusai Nenbutsu - GionAyakasahoko Hayashi

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - Shishimai1

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - Shishimai2

The acrobatic scenes.

Some of the performances are rather acrobatic and especially the battle scene of "Spider-devil" and "Shishi" (a mythical beast as imaged the lion)  being used the gimmick of spider's thread is very exciting.

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - The battle scene with Spider devil.

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - Shishimai3

Rokusai Nenbutsu at Mibudera - Shishimai4

Mibudera Temple

Senbon Enmado (Injo-ji Temple)

The stone bridge with lotus at Otani Hombyo.

How beautiful this cobblestone is! This walk pass leads to Otani Hombyo. Moreover under this there is a pond where lotus is blooming. And you will see a wonderful eyeglasses shaped bridge is crossing over.

Very close to Kiyomizudera Temple

This place is very close to Kiyomizudera Temple where the most of Kyoto visitors coming to. So be careful as some people wrongly visit here instead of Kiyomizudera Temple. But in that case you may be lucky because you have gotten such a nice local spot.

Otani Hombyo is the mausoleum.

It dedicated to Shinran Shonin (1173-1263), the founder of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition. This mausoleum is also the beginning of Hongawanji which is the headquarters of the Jodo Shinshu Hongawanji-ha Buddhist school.
And behind here, on the hill, the largest graveyard in Kyoto that has called “Toribeno” since ancient times spread.