Kyoto Imperial Palace is opened to the public
as a general tourist site.

 ― No more advance permission nor reservation you were due to take.

Kyoto Imperial Palace was the place where the visitors are required the advance application. Or they only had the chance of a limited time when it opened to the public in Spring and Autumn.


Therefore Kyoto Imperial Palace was very rare place to visit for a tourist site, however it was the great treasure of Japanese culture.
Rich in tradition, Kyoto Imperial Palace preserves the look and ambiance of the Palace as it had been in the time of Japan’s ancient imperial dynasties.

But now, to enhance the convenience of those who wish to visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace, public opening throughout a year commences as follows.
( Start Date: Tuesday 26 July 2016)


About the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Since 794 when Emperor Kanmu moved the capital to Kyoto, Kyoto Imperial Palace had been the residence of the Imperial Family for more than 1,000 years until 1868 when it was moved to Tokyo.

Surrounded by an earthen wall called Tsuiji, Kyoto Imperial Palace is rectangular in shape, with the length of 450m from north to south and 250m from east to west, covering an area of approximately 110,000 square meters. It has six gates, including the main gate Kenreimon.

The Palace burned down several times. Each time it was reconstructed faithfully in the ancient style. The last rebuilding of the Palace was completed in 1855.


The Shishinden, which was used for ceremonies such as enthronement ceremonies, the Seiryoden, the Kogosho, and several other structures are also located here.

To the south of the Shishinden, there is the Dan-tei, an inner south garden covered with white gravel. The garden is surrounded by a white-walled corridor with bright vermilion pillars. Along the corridor, there are three gates including the Jomeimon gate facing onto the Shishinden.

Source: The Imperial Household Agency website



Open: Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Mondays   (on the following day if it falls on a public holiday)

The year-end and New Year holidays (December 28 – January 4).
Any day when Imperial Court functions are scheduled
or other unavoidable circumstances occur.


  • On account of the use of the Imperial Family or the service of the country guest of the government, Opening to the public may be called off by the administration top.
    In that case, they publicize it immediately on Imperial Household Agency homepage.

Admission is free  (Admission is free of charge)

No advance application is required.
Baggage inspections are conducted at the entrance.

Opening Hours

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Last entry 4:20 p.m.)
(Opening hours will be changed during autumn and winter seasons
Further details will be announced later.)

Entry Gate

Seishomon Gate of the Kyoto Imperial PalaceRoute. (See the map below)


Precaution to the visitors.

  • Due to sudden scheduling of visit of dignitaries or some other reasons,
    the public opening can be cancelled.
  • Pets are not allowed. Large luggage such as suitcase cannot be brought in.
  • Please obey the introduction of staff members of the Imperial Palace.
  • Activities prohibited: Smoking, eating, using megaphone, carrying signboard propaganda, carrying small unmanned aircraft systems or other objects that may cause harm to other visitors
  • Taking photographs is allowed. But using large size cameras for business purpose and related equipment such as camera stand are not allowed.
  • No car and bicycle park facilities for visitors. Using public transport is recommended.
  • Kyoto Imperial Palace is covered with gravel stones on the ground. Please visit with shoes that are easy to walk in.
  • Wheelchairs are available. Please ask our staff.

Japanese and English guided tours will be available.
*(According to the announcement of the Imperial Household Agency Kyoto office, any guiding tour service of the Imperial Palace will not be offered till autumn in 2016. If you need, contact the office below in advance.)

For inquiries regarding the above, please contact the following:

Information Desk of Kyoto office of Kyoto Imperial Household Agency
Phone No. 075-211-1215 (8:30-17:15)