Entrance of “Kyo-Navi”

“Kyo kyonavi_LogoS Navi”

is the largest public tourist center in Kyoto, which is jointly operated by Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City.

Hours of Operation

Season: Open All-Year Round
8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (19:00)
+81 (0) 75-343-0548


At “Kyo-Navi” — Kyoto Tourist Information Center, you can speak with multilingual staff members, who are there to answer all of your questions!
Here are several services they offer:

  • Recommendation of sightseeing spots, events or hands-on activities.
  • Guidance on transportation and access to tourist attractions.
  • Advice on the accommodations such as hotels and Japanese-style hotels (ryokan).
  • Selling sightseeing tickets for various tourist attractions or events.
  • Providing a variety of information on sightseeing spots.
  • Provide ATM, Money Exchange Machines, and Computers with Internet Access for $100 Yen/Hour.



Finding “Kyo-Navi” is unfortunately, very confusing. Many other places are called “Information center” in the Kyoto Station. Most of them are information centers specialized for the JR train bureau, station buildings, the city bus and more. However, the only place specifically made to answer all of your questions is called “Kyo-Navi.”

How to Find the ”Kyo-Navi” kyonavi_LogoS

KyoNavi-MapOn the 2nd floor of the Kyoto Station, there is the “Pedestrian Walkway” that leads to “Kyo-Navi” on the north side.

    • Coming from JR Shinkansen:
      Walk towards the “Shinkansen Central Gate” or “West Gate.” Both exits face the “Pedestrian Walkway”. After exiting the gate, turn to the right, facing north.
      It, KyoNavi, is on the left-hand side of a large department store called “Kyoto JR Isetan.”
  • Coming from a Local Train:
    Walk up the west side stairs of the platform towards the “West Gate“. After exiting the gate, turn to the right. Same instructions as above.
  • Coming from Outside the Station:
    Walk towards the main entrance of “Kyoto JR Isetan” on the 2nd floor. On the left-hand side, you should see “Kyo-Navi.”


Google map

As “Kyo-Navi” is located on the second floor, Google Maps may be a bit confusing.
However, if you are using a PC or an Android mobile phone,
you can see an indoor map of the Kyoto Station.
Click on “View Large Map” below to see clearly where it is located.
After pointing on the red mark of “Kyo-Navi” kyonavi_LogoS,
you will find the “Floor Indicator Button” of the Kyoto Station Building on Right side.
Adjust it to the second floor.