“Shinkosai”  in the night of the former YamaHoko Junko.

Since Gion festival is also a shrine ritual which is the same as a ritual held at most of shrines in Japan, Mikoshi (a portable shrine on which the gods are seated) appears and “Mikoshi Togyou” is held.


“Mikoshi Togyou” refers to a Shinto ritual where a Mikoshi (portable shrine) parades to pray for happiness of people lining the path of the parade.


For the Gion Festival, this shrine ritual is called “Shinkosai”.
Because of its large scale, the three large-size Mikoshies appear.
And more the most characteristic thing of this ritual is that “Yama Hoko”(the floats) cruise previously purifying the path where Mikoshies will pass.
Yes, it is. The “Yama Hoko Junko” which is the magnificent and graceful parade, is such as the opening act for the “Sinkosai” in fact.


Praying for happiness of people lining the path, each Mikoshi parades its own route. And three Mikoshies finally gather together at the “Otabisyo” on Shijyo-Street where they stay till “Kankosai” after a week.

The “Shinkosai”, is completely different from the graceful “Yama Hoko Junko” taken place in the morning, is characterized by “Mikoshi togyo”, which takes place in the evening, and is brave and thrilling.

Till the “Kankosai”, three Mikoshies stay in “Otabisyo” at Sijyo-Teramachi.


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