travel_suitcaseDid You Know About This Convenient Luggage Delivery Service?

What do you plan on doing with your luggage if you can’t drop them off at the hotel? No one wants to carry around heavy suitcases all day. Thus, we recommend the following luggage deliver service. Not only will they hold the luggage for you, but they will also deliver your luggage to your Hotel!

There are two offices in Kyoto Station.

Both delivery services are reputable companies associated with JR.

  • One, is the “JR Kyoto Carry Service.”
    It is located on the Kyoto Tower side of Kyoto Station on Floor B1 below the “Central Exit.”
  • At the other end of Kyoto Station near “Shinkansen Hachijo West Gate,”
    there is another one called “Delivery Service.”

Once you find either location, you can check your luggage all day and not have to worry about its safety. Plus, you won’t have to lug heavy luggage around everywhere. In the evening, when you check into your hotel, your luggage will already be delivered and waiting for your arrival.

Even better, this service only costs roughly JPY750 per item.
Rather than carrying them around all day by yourself, trying to check it in early to your hotel, or leaving them in coin lockers, you can relax in the fact that they will safely do all of your heavy lifting and deliver your bags straight to your accommodation.
It’s quite a reasonable service, isn’t it?

A Few Precautions:

  • Please bring your luggage to either office by 14:00 (2:00 pm) to ensure that your luggage will arrive by approximately 17:00 (5 pm) at your accommodation.
  • Both services are able to deliver to almost all locations. However, there are some inaccessible areas.
    • If your accommodation is clearly located on the city map, it should be OK.
    • However, if it is located outside of the Kyoto Basin, it may be better to confirm in advance whether or not the delivery service will be possible.
  • Accommodation in Japanese is called “OYADO.” All hotels, B&Bs, recreation facilities, shukubo, guesthouses, and small inns should be covered.
    However, some are not. ―A receiver of luggage in the accommodation is required. If there is no such receiver, then the delivery cannot be completed.
  • Depending on the size, weight, content (fragile, dangerous) of luggage, the companies reserve the right to refuse to deliver your luggage. More details below.

At the end of your stay, the delivery offices have an additional service to bring your luggage back to Kyoto Station called “OYADO” → Kyoto Station.
Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a vacant locker room, especially for larger suitcases. If your luggage is quite large, it is better to secure the luggage delivery service option.

The comparison table of their service

The comparison table of their service

OfficeCarry ServiceDelivery Service
"OYADO" means accommodation such as All hotels, B&Bs, recreation facilities, shukubo, guesthouse, small inns
LocationB1 Floor at Front gate
in JR Station Building
Hachijyo West gate
in JR Station Building
AccessMain gate site,
Convenient for citybus terminal
Convenient for
Shinkansen and Subway,
Airport limousine, Highway bus.
Business Hour8:00 - 20:009:00 - 20:00
Delivering to OYADOKyoto Station → "OYADO" delivered 17:00
Required reception timeApply 8:00-14:00Apply 9:00-14:00
Charge / 1itemJPY 750JPY 750
Delivering to Kyoto Station"OYADO" → Kyoto Station
Required reception time
apply to OYADO clerk by 10:00
You can pick up 14:00-20:00 at Carry Service.You can pick up 14:00-20:00 at Delivery Service.
Charge / 1itemJPY 750JPY 750
"OYADO" → Next "OYADO"
Required r‚’eception time
apply to OYADO clerk by 10:00
Apply by 10:00, Delivered by17:00 Apply by 10:00, Delivered by17:00
Charge / 1itemJPY 650JPY 650
Baggage room ServiceTake It Up To 15 Day(1 day only)
Reception time8:00-20:009:00-20:00
Charge / 1item/eachday1day-4day JPY420/1 day
5day-15day: JPY840/1 day
Un Acceptable ItemsThings — vertical, horizontal and the height of the total length more than 2m, or more than the weight of 30Kg.
Expensive goods and valuables and precision equipment (personal computer, digital camera, portable game machines, tablet terminals, etc.)
Dangerous goods, animals, decay or deterioration likely to those things difficult handling as deliverying.
Other than Contact paraphernalia, cardboard boxes, etc.

Web site and Access

JR Kyoto Carry Service

Carry Service
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JR Kyoto Carry Service
The entrance of the Carry Service.


Because this service is located underground, it is difficult to explain how to access it with a simple map. The easiest way is to go toward the “Central Exit” at the JR Station.
As you can see in the picture below, there is an escalator in front of the exit.
Go down and walk left direction on the B1 floor following the Guideboard.
On your right-hand side, you should see the Carry Service office.



Delivery Service

The entrance of the Carry Service


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Delivery Service

Unfortunately, they only have a Japanese website. However, they do distribute advertising leaflets in English.



On the south-east side of the Kyoto Station Building near the McDonald’s, you should see the Delivery Service office. There, you will also have easy access to the Shinkansen, Airport limousine buses, and subway system