Hokongo-in Temple with lotus.

In Kyoto city, there is a famous temple for lotus at the middle point to Arashiyama. Just get off at JR Hanazono station.

The pond in the precinct is covered with lotus leaves at this time like a jungle. There a lot of buds were found so the flowering is expectable from now. And it will continue till the beginning of August.

Mitarashi Matsuri (Mitarashi Festival) at Shimogamo Jinjya Shrine.

Mitarashi Matsuri is the shinto ritual to pray for good health and longevity with a candle by immersing your feet in the water of the pond in the precinct at the Shimogamo Jinjya Shrine. And is held about ten days from the day of ”Doyo-no-ushi" each year.
For 2018 ”Doyo-no-Ushi" is July 20th. So this festival is held July 20th - 29th. 9 am to 9 pm.
Incidentally ”Doyo-no-Ushi" is known as the Midsummer Day of the Ox which traditionally falls around the end of July on the ancient Japanese calendar.  You might already know that is the day to eat "Unagi"(Eel) in Japanese custom.

How to purify yourself and pray ;

  1. Take off your shoes off.
  2. Take a candle in exchange for 300 JPE at the desk.
  3. Walk in river. (purification of yourself)
  4. Light your candle by divine fire.
  5. Offer your candle to the deity and pray for your good health and longevity.
  6. Drink divine water to purify yourself form inside after wear shoes.

Shinnyo-do Temple with hydrangea.

Although it is not well known, there is a neat hydrangea garden behind the main hall of "Shinnyo-do Temple" (entrance free). Still in full bloom. It is a hydrangea spot that is still in time.


It is near from Ginkakuji and philosophy pass. If your time allow, be sure to visit.
Convenient bus stop; "Shinnyodo-mae" of Kyoto city bus # 5 and # 17  (8 min. Walk).

It is located on the hill. Taxis will be one of smart choices.
(About 25 minutes from Kyoto Station, about 1500 yen)

Rozanji Temple, former mansion of Lady Murasaki, with full bloomed bellflower.

The mansion site of Lady Murasaki

The precincts of this Rozanji Temple is the former mansion site of Lady Murasaki.

Lady Murasaki, who is known as the most ancient great novelist in the world, lived all her life this place. Almost all her numerous literary writings, including the most famous "The Tale of Genji" and "Lady Murasaki's Diaries" were produced at this mansion.

The garden of "Genji"

Open 9 AM to 4 PM
Entrance fee 500JPY

Hydrangea of Yokokuji Temple.

Yokokuji Temple

"Yokokuji-Temple" is the best recommended spot in the hydrangea season. However the traffic access is not so good, it is absolutely worth going.

The featuring sights with hydrangea.

Appearance and precincts  (1)

Main Hall and Corridor  (2)(3)


The back temple and on the hill  (4) (5)

Access and Map.

It is an hour's walk from the nearest station. And even if you get on the bus, it is a 40 minute walk from the nearest bus stop.
So I recommend only using a taxi.

10 minutes by taxi from Hankyu Nishiyama Tennouzan Station.
15 minutes by taxi from Hankyu Nagaoka Tenjin Station or JR Nagaoka kyo Satation.

Tentokuin temple decorated with “Bellflower”

At this time, not only hydrangea but also ”bellflower” is in bloom with remarkable beauty. And is the garden of Tentokuin temple, one of the sub-temples of Tofukuji temple, is known as the blooming garden of bellflower and is open to the public only during the blooming season.

The period of this year(2018) : 6. 25 (Mon) - 7.10 (Tue)
Admission fee : 500JPY

About Tentokuin temple :


The hydrangea and beautiful green in Sanzen-in Temple.

Sanzen-in temple located in the countryside in the northern part of Kyoto City is a little far but worth a visit.

The hydrangea garden.

The map and Access.

By Bus

About 1 hour on the Route 17 bus bound for Ohara that departs from Kyoto Bus Stop C3, located in front of the Central Gate Entrance of Kyoto Station.
It is an approximately 10 minute walk from the Ohara bus stop to Sanzen-in.


By Subway

Transfer to the subway (Karasuma Line) and get off at Kokusaikaikan Station.
23 minutes on the Kyoto Bus bound for "Ohara, Kodeishi", departing from Bus Stop 3 in front of Kokusaikaikan Station.
It is an approximately 10 minute walk from the Ohara bus stop to Sanzen-in.



General                                   : 700 yen (600 yen for organizations of 30 or more)
Junior high ・ high school   : 400 yen (300 yen for organizations of 30 or more)
primary school                      : 150 yen



Open all year round
March to Dec. 7th           :  8:30 am~17:00 pm (close17:30)
Dec. 7th to Feb                :  9:00 am~16:30 pm (close17:00)