Mitarashi Matsuri is the shinto ritual to pray for good health and longevity with a candle by immersing your feet in the water of the pond in the precinct at the Shimogamo Jinjya Shrine. And is held about ten days from the day of ”Doyo-no-ushi" each year.
For 2018 ”Doyo-no-Ushi" is July 20th. So this festival is held July 20th - 29th. 9 am to 9 pm.
Incidentally ”Doyo-no-Ushi" is known as the Midsummer Day of the Ox which traditionally falls around the end of July on the ancient Japanese calendar.  You might already know that is the day to eat "Unagi"(Eel) in Japanese custom.

How to purify yourself and pray ;

  1. Take off your shoes off.
  2. Take a candle in exchange for 300 JPE at the desk.
  3. Walk in river. (purification of yourself)
  4. Light your candle by divine fire.
  5. Offer your candle to the deity and pray for your good health and longevity.
  6. Drink divine water to purify yourself form inside after wear shoes.

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