This year spring has arrived a little bit earlier.

This Sakura(cherry blossoms) are known as early-blooming. And here “Ichijo Modori-bashi bridge” is now getting a very popular spot among Japanese tourist. however not many foreign tourists may understand why. Some of you may have heard of Seimei Jinjya shrine, which is famous for “yin-yang master (onmyoji)”. This shrine is situated quite close to the Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge where it is said in legend that Seimei slayed the ogre (eliminating demons “Oni”) there.

If you like to see more information about the Seimei Jinjya shrine, click here.

Sakura with a heartwarming old couple. 
This lady may be the descendant of the yin-yang master (Onmyoji).




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