About 20 minutes by bicycle from Arashiyama, there is a “Hirosawa Pond” while the countryscape spreads. If you are able to afford time, if you go around “Oku-Saga” area to “Dakaku-ji Temple” “Hirosawa Pond”, you will be able to fully enjoy the area that can be said to be the original landscape of Japan. (About half a day required)

Heiankyo Garden

It is adjacent to the east side of Hirosawa pond.
A vast turf area spreads and feels good garden. Although it is a private garden, it is open only during the cherry blossom season and the Golden Week and autumn leaves.
Unfortunately this spring is already over.

Website : http://www.heiankyo.org/saijiki/event/post-309.html

YouTube : https://youtu.be/7Wdew8eCXsk

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