Hydrangea fits scenery of gorgeous Kyoto.

The sightseeing spots which are famous for Hydrangea are mainly located outside of Kyoto.
For example, they are Mimurotoji- temple of Uji (south side), Sanzenin- temple of Ohara (north side), Yoshiminedera-temple of Rakusai (west side).
So, unfortunately they are not good access for private tourists. However, even if you cannot arrive there, please do not be disappointed, and there are still many opportunities to enjoy Hydrangea and other flowers. Here in downtown Kyoto, you can see Hydrangea flowers. They are surely not a certain famous spots, but the scenery of old Kyoto fits Hydrangea.
Particularly Oike Street or Kiyamachi Street along Takase River, you can watch much Hydrangea.

Oike Street near Kamogawa river


The hydrangea is blooming along Oike Street near Kamogawa River.

Kiyamachi Street along Takase River.

Takase-River, south side of Sijyo(4th) Street.




Cape jasmine.

This flower is also in season. If you find it, let’s enjoy its sweet fragrant scent.