Kyoto State Guest House is now generally open to the public.

A new tourist spot was added to "Kyoto Gyoen National Park" where "Kyoto Imperial Palace" is located in. The facility originally for welcoming the state guest, called "Kyoto State Guest House", is now generally open to the public.

"Kyoto State Guest House" was created as a facility that deepens understanding and friendship to Japan, with a Japanese style with a dignified harmony with Kyoto's historical landscape. In addition, furniture and accessories made by a wide variety of traditional skills representing Kyoto made by craftsmanship are also noteworthy.

The State Guest Houses (SGH)

The State Guest Houses (SGH) are national facilities to receive foreign dignitaries, such as monarchs, presidents and prime ministers, from countries all over the world.
The SGH plays one of the key roles of diplomacy through performing a wide variety of functions, including accommodating foreign dignitaries and holding summit meetings, signing ceremonies or banquets.

For those who wish to pay a visit.

It is open to the general public as long as its primary activities are not interrupted.
But, that is meaning that due to sudden scheduling of visit of dignitaries or some other operational reasons, the public opening is subject to cancellation.
So if you are planning a visit, be sure to check on the site below.



In most cases it may not be necessary to make a reservation. However, if congestion is expected, such as high season, we recommend you to make a reservation.


Free-Style Visit

Closed on Wednesday
Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (Last admission: 16:20)
Entry charge: Adults: 1,000 JPY, Students: 500 JPY (*Payment is acceptable only in cash.)
Eligible person: Above the Junior High School age (From 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019: Those who were born before 1 April 2006)
Maximum number of visitors a day: 2,000 persons per day


English Guided Tour

Time of Tour: At 12:00 *please arrive around 11:30am
Entry charge: Adults: 1,500 JPY / Students (with valid ID) 700 JPY
Time required for the tour: Approx.90 minutes (*meeting time Included)


The Map of Kyoto Gyoen National Park

Google Map

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